Wednesday, 28 October 2009

arken P-O-P Ltd win GOLD display of the year at POPAI awards.

arken struck gold at the POPAI Awards 2009 with a show stopping unit designed for Logitech. The display demonstrated both indoor and outdoor security cameras with the use of digital display and replica product. Awarded GOLD for overall display of the year, the judge’s comments highlighted some key success factors.

“Manufactured with the environment in mind the unit still managed to deliver a fantastic use of design and great use of a screen for an in store environment. Eye catching, easily updateable with equally flexible plinths, the unit met all the market objectives”.

“Receiving a GOLD for overall display of the Year is a fantastic achievement for all involved, our clients were overjoyed and so pleased to have received this recognition” , Tracy Scutt, MD arken P-O-P Ltd.

The digital video security display unit received rave reviews from the judges in the Telecommunications and computers category, again awarding it Gold:

“This entry left me with a strong desire to find out more about the product and potentially buy it….a winning combination!

The simple and compact displays solution made the product the champion whilst providing the security required helping to clearly demonstrate a high value product in a highly interactive and captivating manner whilst avoiding the risk of theft.”

arken received a Silver for an innovative display for Filofax, an in store solution for their diaries, wallets and inserts. The judges commented, “This was a good design that really seemed to fit the Filofax brand and the channel – independent retailers and stationers.

The unit successfully managed to look premium whilst balancing the use of various materials on a tight budget. Flexibility was key in the brief enabling either the Filofax or the inserts to be displayed or both depending on the level of demand. The brief was well met in terms of branding, durability, flexibility and stock holding”.

arken designed a Satellite navigation automotive display for Garmin . This display was a huge success with some 4000 units now placed in automotive show rooms across Europe and received a bronze award.

A bronze also went to arken for a display created for Scholl. A freestanding unit for their footwear range, to be placed in independent Pharmacies, the design was heavily based around Scholl’s corporate colours and branding, with the emphasis on creating a contemporary display to attract a new and younger market.

arken created a display for Marks and Spencer in partnership with Scottish and Southern energy. The unit’s main purpose was to raise awareness of M & S Energy and provide an area where customers could sign up for electricity from their partnered provider. Installed in M & S stores, and manned by SSE staff it created an integral offer to M&S other financial products and received a Bronze Popai award.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Our Green Ethos

Not only a member, but also a founding partner of the POPAI Green Project, we are committed to reducing environmental impact across our entire organisation. We are now working alongside retailers, brands and suppliers alike to formulate strategies for tackling these issues.

As a result, we are focused on making improvements in a number of key areas:

Design - Product lifespan, use of modular parts where possible, design for re-use, minimisation of material types, design for lightweight materials.

Materials and Processes
- Total carbon footprint of material selected, optimise material usage, use minimal number of components, made from readily recyclable materials, made with recycled material content, ease of disassembly

Plant and Premises - In house vs. outsourced, efficient use of labour, minimise secondary processes, produced with low energy consumption, supply chain fit for purpose, suitable environmental policy.

Installation and Fulfilment
- Outsourced parts delivery, finished goods volume, packaging fit for transportation.

We don't just talk the talk, in the first 5 months of this year alone we have reduced our electricity consumption on site by 21%, an estimated annual reduction of 30 tonnes of CO². Gas consumption is down 24% in the same period, estimated at saving another 45 tonnes of CO² over the year. We have also made significant reduction in landfill waste generated, instead recycling where possible.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The nominations are out!

arken are pleased to announce the nomination of five of our most outstanding displays in the POPAI Awards 2009.

The nominations include a project for Scottish and Southern Energy alongside M & S to create a kiosk, as a permanent feature for 150 Marks and Spencer stores to promote the key features and benefits of M&S Energy.

A unit for Logitech was deemed a credible contender in the judge’s eyes. The display was designed to promote digital home video security for consumer electronic retailer outlets across Western Europe and in the UK particularly for Currys and Comet.

Also nominated was a free standing unit designed for Scholls footwear range. The design was heavily based around Scholl’s corporate colours and branding, with the emphasis on creating a contemporary display to attract a new and younger market.

A display that also caught the judges eye was a creation for the Filofax brand, whom required a premier looking unit with sufficient stock holding. Brand awareness was key and the large graphic area enabled the logo to stand out and create recognition with shoppers.

Our final nomination was for a display created for Garmin. They required a flexible freestanding unit that could display live and dummy navigation handsets within automotive showrooms and automotive accessory retailers. Particularly impressive was the fact that after initially creating the display for 250 retailers in the UK the FSU has now been placed in over 4000 car dealerships across Europe.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

arken feature @ marketing week live

award winning displays on show.....

Yes you can see our displays on the POPAI stand at the all new Instore show 09, part of marketing week live.

On display will be our award winning displays from 2008 including the Kwik Fit Accessory Display, NYC Cosmetics Display, Maplin Battery Display and Sennheiser Headphone Comparitor unit.

We hope you enjoy the show Register on-line now for free.